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In stock items which are in the manufacturer's original packaging in our warehouse, can be shipped to points in Canada and the Continental U.S.A. for an additional charge. Some items may require special packaging or crating in wood for which there will be an additional charge. To obtain a shipping quote on in-stock items, please e-mail us with your full delivery address including postal code.

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*Please note that due to the volume of e-mail and phone requests we receive, the minimum purchase amount for shipping in-stock items or custom orders to out of town or international destinations is $5,000.00.

deko italy | tulip medium back office chair

Deko's position as the Italian leader in office chairs enables it to offer luxurious collections with unsurpassed quality, design, and value. The Tulip collection of office chairs features an all-in-one seat and backrest made of padded and upholstered polyester foam, giving it a striking design and a high level of comfort.

With star base made of polished aluminum mounted on self-braking, hard or soft rubber swivel casters, and adjustable tension and tilt adjustment with rocking movement which can be locked in the horizontal position.

63 cm w x 63 cm d x 95 - 108 cm h
24.8" w x 24.8" d x 37.4" - 42.5" h

| leather "basic"
$2,606.00 | leather "soft"
$141.00 | cannete stitching

| in stock | in store | leather "basic" 1100 (milky white), soft wheels

•(view the "leather basic" color swatches: 56 kb)

•(download the deko tulip chair pdf file: 700 kb)

luxy italy | "light" thin upholstered low back armchair

Upholstered armchair with cast Aluminum base, chromed structure, adjustable gas lift, eco-tilt mechanism, and fully removable cover in thin padded leather or fabric. Available with castors or glides.

24.4" w x 23.62" d x (34.25" - 37") high
seat height: 17.91" - 20.66"
arm height: 26.77" - 29.52"

$1,065.00 | fabric category B

$1,250.00 | leather |
in stock | warehouse | 1 white

Luxy Light Chair

luxy italy | "light" thin upholstered low back chair

Upholstered task chair with cast Aluminum base, chromed structure, adjustable gas lift, eco-tilt mechanism and fully removable cover in thin padded leather or fabric. Available with castors or glides.

24.4" w x 23.62" d x (34.25" - 37") high
seat height: 17.91" - 20.66"

Luxy 349
$878.00 | fabric category B | |
in stock | warehouse | 3 in black fabric 349

$1,033.00 | leather |
in stock | warehouse | 4 white leather

pianca italy | quadra tall cabinet | new item

Floor sitting cabinet in matte or high gloss lacquer in 28 colors, in two depths of 45 cm or 55 cm. Each module is equipped with one internal glass shelf.

Pianca Qudra Tall Cabinet

- with 1 drawer, 1 flap door, 3 wing door
120 cm w x 45/55 cm d x 121 cm h
47.24" w x 17.7/21.65" d x 47.63" h

$3,236.00 | matte lacquer

$4,319.00 | gloss lacquer |
in stock | warehouse | 1 nuvola gloss, 45 cm d

Pianca Quadra Cabinet

Pianca Quadra Cabinet

luxy italy | taylord conference armchair | new item

Modern design combine with
tailor-sewn finishings, functionality and ergonomics to create Taylor, a timeless refined chair. The particular attention paid to aesthetic detail and the quality of the materials used, make Taylord a unique and versatile chair that can be used in environments from management offices to home offices.

Shown in leather conference version with medium-high backrest with contrast stitching, chromed aluminum armrests, swivel, tilt mechanism, and 4 star polished aluminum base.

55 cm w x 60 cm d x 88 cm h
seat height: 50 cm
arm height: 69 cm

21.66" w x 23.63" d x 34.65" h
seat height: 19.69"
arm height: 27.17"

Black 899
$1,459.00 | contrast stitched leather, swivel, tilt mechanism, 4 star polished aluminum base, chromed aluminum armrests |
in stock | in store | 1 Black

•(download the Luxy Taylord pdf file: 3.15 mb)

Luxy Taylord Conference Chair

potocco italy | linus desk

Design by Stephan Veit. Compact writing desk with small console drawers, and hidden pencil drawer, top in hide leather. Available in Beech wood or matte lacquered versions.

118 cm w x 60 cm d x 73 cm h
46.45" w x 26" d x 28.35" h

Grey stained Beech
$4,600.00 | in Beech wood, hide leather top |
in stock | in store | in grey stained beech and grey hide leather top


potocco italy | linus armchair

Armchair with upholstered seat and back, or upholstered seat and wooden back, with Beechwood frame. Covers in fabric or leather.

57 cm w x 58 cm d x 81 cm h
seat height: 47 cm
arm height: 65 cm

21.65" w x 22.83" d x 32.38" h
seat height: 18.9"
arm height: 25.6"

linus armchair 730/PI
with upholstered seat and back

Potocco Blues 230
$1,415.00 | in Beechwood with upholstered seat and back in cat 1 fabric |
in stock | warehouse | in grey stained beech and charcoal grey fabric Blues 230

Potocco Linus Desk

Linus desk detail

linus desk beech wooL

dellarovere italy | BE desks in all white

Design by Paolo Pampononi. The BE desk is constructed with metal frame, legs and cross beams in 25 mm x 50 mm rectangular tubular steel sections, 2 mm thick, with epoxy finish in white. Cross beam corner joints and feet are in glossy chrome finish ABS.

white melamine tops are in wood agglomerate panels 25 mm thick covered with melamine, edged in 2 mm thick ABS.

BE desk 31.5" x 47.24"
$845.00 | white epoxy legs, melamine top |
in stock | warehouse

Della Rovere Be Desk

luxy italy | nulite armchair

25.79" wide x 25.2" deep
height: 34.25" to 38.19"
seat height: 16.53" to 20.47"
arm height: 24.02" to 27.95"

ribbed leather

$1,460.00 |
in stock | heat bonded ribbed leather, gas lift, decentralized multiblock tilt, polished cast aluminum base | warehouse | 1 brown

*ribbed leather is produced using a new technology which cold presses the leather ribbing directly into the foam. The result is a precise and highly technical appearance without the use of any stitching, delivering high visual impact and a longer upholstery life.

luxy italy | nulite armless task chair

25.79" wide x 25.2" deep
height: 34.25" to 38.19"
seat height: 16.53" to 20.47"
arm height: 24.02" to 27.95"

ribbed leather

$1,315.00 | heat bonded ribbed leather, gas lift, decentralized multiblock tilt, polished cast aluminum base |
in stock | warehouse | 2 brown

offecct sweden | bond high easy armchair

Bond High Easy Armchair, by Jean Marie Massaud. Laminated wood shell with cold foam, fixed cover in leather or fabric, swivel base with glides in standard chrome, or optional silver, black, or white lacquer. Available with or without arms. Optional matching foot stool.

73 cm w x 73 cm d x 106 cm h
seat height: 40 cm
arm rest height: 54.5 cm

28.74" w x 28.74" d x 41.73" h
seat height: 15.74"
arm rest height: 21.45"

Elmosoft Black
$3,922.00 | in ElmoSoft leather |
in stock | warehouse | Black leather


bond high foot stool
68 cm w x 46 cm d x 40 cm h
26.77" w x 18.11" d x 15.74" h

Elmosoft Black
$1,650.00 | in ElmoSoft leather |
in stock | warehouse | Black leather


•(download the Offecct Bond pdf file: 1.35 mb)

offecct sweden | pal easy chair

Designed specifically by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Stockholm’s new luxury design destination, the Nobis Hotel, Pal was designed to meet the needs of varying room sizes.

Depending on where the legs are mounted Pal can either be a larger, lower chair with a lounge character, or a smaller chair with a higher backrest. The same pair of legs is used for both variants. This option has been achieved through a carefully developed seat that can be turned in two directions.

The inspiration behind the name Pal simply comes from the English word for a friend – or a pal. ”When we saw the two versions next to each other, we realized that they reminded us of a nice couple or two very good friends who in a good way complete each other", Eero Koivisto concludes. Pal has also got a decorative element in a seam that goes all around the edge and which can be produced in different colors.

pal easy chair low
68 cm w x 72 cm d x 69 cm h
seat height: 38 cm

pal easy chair high
68 cm w x 68 cm d x 77 cm h
seat height: 37 cm

Remix 123
$1,800.00 | in category 2 fabric, Remix |
in stock | warehouse | Pal High or Low in Remix 123

•(download the Offecct Pal easy chair pdf file: 180 kb)

•(see a larger photo of the Offecct Pal easy chair: 179 kb)

*Remix by Kvadrat is 90% Wool, 10% Nylon in 27 retro colors. For color swatches and technical information visit: www.maharam.com enter the fabric name and click the search icon.

Offecct Pal Chair
Offecct Pal Chairs

offecct sweden | palma easy chair with glides

Palma Easy Chair, by Khodi Feiz. Lounge chair inspired by the palm of a hand cradling a body, designed as a simple monoform. Together, Offecct and Khodi Feiz have created an easy chair which is above all intended to have a long life span, by being both physically durable, and with a timeless elegant design. Laminated wood shell with cold foam, chrome swivel base with glides, fixed cover in leather or wool fabric.

32.28" w x 31.88" d x 30.7" h
seat height: 15.74"

Flora 226

$3,183.00 | cat 2 fabric |
in stock | warehouse| 1 in Flora 226 Beige, (90% wool, 10% nylon)

Luna 4006

$3,028.00 | cat 1 fabric |
in stock | in store | 1 in Gabriel Luna 4006 Natural (90% Wool, 10% Nylon 70,000 rubs Martindale)


*Europost by Gabriel is 100% Wool in 60 vibrant colors. For color swatches and technical information visit: www.gabriel.dk

Offecct Palma chair

Offecct Palma with glides


offecct sweden | spinnaker

Design: Beat Karrer. Free standing room divider with unlimited connection possibilities. Frame: zincked pipe construction with chromed fittings and feet in black ABS. In white sound absorbing 3D Mesh polyester fabric.

spinnaker 3 panel configuration

300 cm w x 146 cm h
118.11" w x 57.48" h

$1,540.00 regular
$699.00 sale | white 3D sound absorbing mesh | in stock | in store | 3

•click here to download the spinnaker pdf file: 358 kb)

viccarbe spain | davos bench

Design: Jeffrey Bernett. Bench in solid wood structure covered with expanded polyurethane and polyester fibre.

davos 150 in leather
150 cm w x 35 cm d x 44 cm h
59" w x 13.78" d x 17.32" h

Viccarbe White Leather
$1,825.00 | in stock | warehouse | 1 in leather 179 (white)

Viccarbe Davos Bench

zeitraum germany | "secret" desk in solid wood

Design: Markus Schmidt. Desk with two storage compartments and cable exit, entirely in solid wood. Available in Oak, Cherry, American Walnut, and European Walnut. Every piece of furniture by Zeitraum is unique, and uses only deciduous, healthy hardwoods from renewable forests, with no chemical treatment of the wood. The surface finishes of Zeitraum furniture are smooth, natural looking, and have a pleasant natural scent. Finely sanded surfaces are primed with oil or beeswax balsam to achieve an open-pore treatment that allows the wood to breathe, absorbing and dispensing moisture from its surroundings. All the wood used by Zeitraum originates from forests that comply with the FSC standard.

140 cm w x 85 cm d x 75 cm h
55.12" w x 33.46" d x 29.53" h

$7,945.00 | solid Oak

$8,700.00 |
solid American Walnut | in stock | in store

•(download the zeitraum "secret" pdf file: 237 kb)

Zeitraum Secret Desk Profile

Zeitraum Secret Desk

Zeitraum Secret Desk detail